"Without music, life would be a mistake"
Gilmas was born in Marseille, France. He moved to Paris at 18 where he studied philosophy at University La Sorbonne and became a philosophy professor. But his passion for music caught him up/(at some point) took over: he decided to turn his life around, went back to piano and composing, learn bass, guitar, sampling technique, set up his own recording studio. He achieved 200 songs both in french and english and released 2 albums : "I Want It" in 2012 available on iTunes and "Lâcher Les Chiens" in 2014 available here. In 2013 he realized a childhood dream by moving to New York: "lying down on the grass of Sheep Meadow while listening to Time Waits For No One by the Rolling Stones, the very song I played over and over in my bedroom , watching Manhattan's posters, was a real epiphany", says Gilmas. The city that never sleeps has been very inspirational to him: he created new material, is now working on his first American Album and rehearsing for gigs he will be doing this fall in New York and more specifically Williamsburg, his new fling,. Things are just getting started!